Dual Side Dried Sunflower Necklace Oval Pendant Flower Pressed Necklace

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The pressed real flower represent one part of natural properties. This dry flower necklace will provides a special look to your whole dressing style no matter where you are. It can not only be apply for yourself, also used be a special gift for others. You can wear it in any occasions and it will make you eye catching immediately. 
- Color: Shown in the pictures.
- Material: Plastic & Resin.
- Pendant size: Approx. 3 * 4cm/ 1.2 * 1.6 inches(L*W).
- Rope length: Approx. 70cm/ 28 inches.
- Flower pressed design with impeccable crafsmanship and excellent gloss and transparency.
- Unique oval pendant handcrafted with real dried flowers preserved in resin.
- Soft rope and pendant texture with lightweight for comfortable skin touching.
- Perfect necklace for your prom, party, church meetings, dancing party, summer picnic, engagement, wedding or any other special soiree.